Gooru Stories

Every student and classroom is different, and Gooru is flexible enough to fit their different needs. We are constantly awed and inspired by the stories of our teachers who take advantage of Gooru to provide the best possible instruction to their students in a way that is dynamic, engaging, and productive. In our mission to make high-quality educational resources free and accessible, Gooru’s potential is equal to the unbounded innovation and creativity of the educators and students who use it.

Here are the stories of some of the teachers who say Gooru has made a difference in (and out of) their classrooms. We hope they will inspire you to use Gooru in your own way and to share your own story.

Ms. Mcloughlin

Technology Coach,
Highland Elementary School

Ms. Mcloughlin uses Gooru to create flexible, personalized content for her enrichment activities.

Ms. Smith

World History, Language Arts, and Dance Teacher, Central Middle School

Ms. Smith uses Gooru to create seamless digital lessons for her one-to-one device classroom.

Mr. Canning

Physics Teacher,
Sequoia High School

Mr. Canning blends digital content with lab work in his self-paced, station-rotation classroom.

Ms. Haugen

Agricultural Biology Teacher,
Florin High School

MMs. Haugen’s students use Gooru to prepare digital lessons for their peers.

Mr. Allison

English Teacher,
Bronx Academy Senior High School

Mr. Allison uses Gooru to create an exciting learning environment for his students.


Riverside Unified
School District

RUSD teachers in the Class Lab worked directly with the Gooru team to innovate and co-create solutions for personalizing learning.
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